25th - 27th June 2021
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Half LCW

Half LCW

What is the Long Course Weekend Half Distance?

This year we're introducing the LCW Half Distance. A set of 3 of the events you'd usually do for the Full Long Course Weekend but the half distances. Maybe you'd like to train for the full Long Course Weekend or have an injury you don't want to risk on the longer distances. Whatever your reason, this series of courses is just as packed as the full Long Course Weekend! 

The half distance also includes a unique polo shirt but unfortunately, you will not get the 4th medal.


  • Yonda
  • Morgan La Roche
  • Coastal Cottages
  • Erdinger
  • HDHC
  • Runderwear
  • Vicki White Sports Massage
  • Let's Do This
  • 220 Triathlon
  • Dreamteam TV
  • FinisherPix
  • Mikes Bikes