25th - 27th June 2021
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First Timers

First Timers

How does Long Course Weekend work?

If you're wondering how LCW works, then don't worry. We're here to help. The first thing you should know is that LCW is not a triathlon event. You can choose any of the disciplines and distances as individual events, it can be just a cycle event for you if that's what you want out of LCW. If you do feel like doing all the full distances though and want to try and earn that famous fourth LCW medal, then there are two things you must do to achieve it.

  1. You must enter the Full LCW via our website (Do not enter them separately or you will not receive the fourth medal at the finish).
  2. You must complete all three full distances within the cut off times for each event or you will not receive your fourth medal (You will still receive your individual event medals).

What if I'm under 18 and still want to the Full LCW?

If you don't meet the age requirement to do the Full LCW, then don't worry! We still have something for you. You can do the Junior LCW. For Junior LCW, the event distances are shorter and you'll receive special junior versions of the stacking medals, including the prized fourth medal! The distances you will do for the Junior LCW are as follows:

  1. 1.2 mi Swim
  2. 42 mi Bike
  3. 10k Run

(Note: the same rules apply from the Full LCW apply in regards to receiving the final medal.)

Here's a graphic to show you what you get with each package:


Everyone has to start somewhere, you too. Whether you have not done a triathlon yet or when you just started training for one, the Long Course Weekend is the best option to learn what it takes to complete a triathlon.

For every discipline, there are multiple distances so you can choose whatever distance is good for you. Below you find all the distances we offer during Long Course Weekend Wales and if you'd like to take a look at the course maps then click here


  1. 1.2 mi
  2. 2.4 mi


  1. 42 mi
  2. 70 mi
  3. 112 mi


  1. 5k mi
  2. 10k mi
  3. 13.1 mi
  4. 26.2 mi
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